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What We Do

Tree and Shrub Care

A Plant Health Care evaluation will allow our certified arborist from our licensed and insured company to thoroughly examine your landscape. We can diagnose specific insect, disease and cultural problems affecting your plants. We’ll develop a management treatment program customized to the needs of your landscape.

What our programs offer:

  • Peace of Mind – By correctly identifying the plants in your landscape and diagnosing their problems, we can offer a proactive approach.
  • Exchange of Information – By offering you the information to make intelligent choices and by listening to and understanding your expectations, we can establish the realistic goals that will provide the basis upon which your decisions can be made.
  • Flexibility – One plant, two plants, or an entire landscape. Our programs can be applied based on budgetary considerations, need – even sentimental reasons.
  • Array of Services – We are a full-service tree care company. From planting and construction consultation to tree and plant removals, we can meet your service needs.
  • Environmental Sensitivity – Healthy, vigorous plants provide the best, most environmentally-sensitive form of pest control. While our goal is reduced pesticide usage, pre-existing conditions, poor plant selection and extreme situations often dictate treatment.

Tree Pruning

Trees need professional pruning. Pruning should be done on a regular basis for many reasons:

  • Health – Increases the vigor of healthy branches by removing competition for nutrients and energy and allows more air and light into lawn and flower beds below.
  • Safety – Helps resist damage from storms, insects, disease, drought and cold and helps prevent dead or weakened branches from harming people or structures, especially during early spring or winter storms.
  • Beauty – Controls and maintains natural shape.
  • Value – Well-maintained trees increase the value of your property.


Pruning is a skill. Our training and experience assures you of a quality job. Don’t entrust your valuable trees to anyone but a professional.

Lawn Fertilizing Programs-

We also offer a complete lawn care and fertilization program:

• Early Spring – Balanced fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control.
• Late Spring – Fertilizer and weed control.
• Early Summer – Fertilizer and weed control with iron.
• Late Summer – Fertilizer and weed control.
• Early Fall – Turf builder to help promote a vigorous root system.
• Late Fall – Balanced fertilizer to maintain turf until winter.

Program for Watershed Protection – Healthy Lawn Care

  • On-site consultation to address customer needs
    • Earth-friendly fertilizer
    • 4 application program follows guidelines of the SOCWA Healthy Lawn Program for Watershed Protection
    • Insect and weed control options: no pesticides; spot-treat only; or one-time rescue operation
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