Boxwood Maintenance

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the health, vitality, and aesthetic appeal of your boxwoods, enhancing the overall beauty of your landscape.

Boxwood Expertise: A Cut Above the Rest

We understand the unique needs of boxwoods, and our experienced horticulturists are well-versed in their care. From Buxus sempervirens to Buxus microphylla, we cater to various boxwood species, offering specialized maintenance programs tailored to the specific requirements of these versatile shrubs.


Pruning and Shaping: Sculpting Elegance

Our meticulous pruning techniques focus on shaping your boxwoods for both aesthetic appeal and optimal growth. Whether it’s maintaining a classic hedge form or creating unique topiaries, our experts ensure that each cut is strategic, promoting dense foliage and maintaining the distinct character of your boxwoods.

Disease and Pest Management: Preserving Health

Boxwoods are susceptible to certain diseases and pests, but with All State Tree & Lawn Service, proactive measures are in place. Our integrated pest management and disease control strategies safeguard your boxwoods, ensuring they remain robust and free from common issues that can compromise their vitality.

Fertilization and Soil Care: Nourishing from the Ground Up

Healthy boxwoods start with healthy soil. Our fertilization programs are designed to provide your boxwoods with the nutrients they need for optimal growth. We analyze soil conditions, customize fertilization plans, and implement soil amendments to create a nourishing environment for your boxwoods to thrive.


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