Tree and Shrub Insect Control

Our specialized Tree and Shrub Insect Control Services are designed to protect your valuable trees and shrubs from the detrimental impact of invasive pests, ensuring a thriving and pest-free outdoor environment.

Protect Your Trees, Preserve Your Landscape

Do you have Spruce or Pine Trees?

If so, your trees may be under threat from the destructive Pitch Mass Borer.
pitch mass borer

Pitch Mass Borer is an insect that is devastating Spruce and Pine Trees in Michigan.

If left untreated, this insect can kill your trees within 3-5 years.

We offer free evaluations and estimates for treating Pitch Mass Borer. Protect your investment, maintain your landscape’s beauty, and contribute to the health of Michigan’s trees.

Precise Pest Identification: A Key to Effective Control

Our experienced arborists begin with a comprehensive assessment of your trees and shrubs to identify specific insect threats. We understand that different pests require different treatments, and our precise identification allows us to tailor our insect control services to the unique needs of your landscape.

Targeted Treatments: Effectively Eliminating Invasive Pests

Once identified, our team implements targeted insect control treatments that effectively eliminate pests while minimizing any adverse effects on your plants and the surrounding environment. From aphids to scale insects and everything in between, we deploy state-of-the-art solutions to curtail infestations and prevent further damage.

Preventive Measures: Keeping Pests at Bay

Our commitment extends beyond eradication to proactive prevention. We provide insights into practices that discourage future infestations, ensuring the long-term health and resilience of your trees and shrubs. Our goal is not only to address existing pest issues but also to fortify your landscape against potential threats.

What Makes Us Different?

Our team of arborists boasts extensive knowledge of tree and shrub health, allowing us to identify and address insect issues with precision.

We tailor our insect control services to the specific pests affecting your landscape, ensuring the most effective and environmentally friendly treatments.

We prioritize the use of eco-friendly insecticides and control methods, minimizing the impact on beneficial insects and the surrounding ecosystem.

We empower you with knowledge about common pests, signs of infestation, and preventive measures to maintain a pest-free environment.


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