Watershed Protection Program

We take pride in introducing our Watershed Protection Program – a holistic approach to lawn care that not only ensures the health and beauty of your lawn but also contributes to the preservation of our precious watersheds.

Nurturing Your Lawn, Preserving Our Watersheds

Join us in promoting healthy lawn care practices that go beyond the surface. Our Watershed Protection Program is your pathway to a vibrant lawn while actively participating in the protection of our watersheds. Contact All State Tree & Lawn Service today to schedule your free consultation and embark on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable landscape.


Key Features of Our Program

On-site Consultation for Customized Solutions​

Our Watershed Protection Program begins with a detailed on-site consultation to understand your specific lawn care needs. We believe in tailoring our approach to address the unique characteristics of your lawn, ensuring a personalized and effective plan for watershed protection.

Earth-Friendly Fertilizer for a Greener Tomorrow​

We prioritize the use of earth-friendly fertilizers that promote the lushness of your lawn without compromising the health of our water resources. Our environmentally conscious approach aims to strike a balance between a thriving lawn and sustainable practices.

4-Application Program Aligned with SOCWA Guidelines​

Our comprehensive 4-application program follows the guidelines of the SOCWA Healthy Lawn Program for Watershed Protection. By adhering to these standards, we not only enhance the vitality of your lawn but also contribute to the broader effort of maintaining watershed health.

Insect and Weed Control Options with Minimal Impact​

Choose from our range of insect and weed control options that prioritize minimal environmental impact. Opt for no pesticides, spot-treat only where needed, or engage in a one-time rescue operation. Our flexible approach allows you to make choices that align with your commitment to environmentally responsible lawn care.


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